The Care Sector (and organisations covered by safeguarding legislation)

  • Do the phrases Safeguarding and ISA fill you with dread?
  • Is a member of your staff facing allegations from someone in their care?
  • Do you want to save yourself time, money and inconvenience by acting swiftly?
  • Have you failed a care inspection because of staffing issues?
  • Has a safeguarding issue arisen within your Home?
  • Are you ready for the expert guidance of one of the UK’s leading specialists in care sector investigations?

With tragic tales such as Baby P and Victoria Climbie right at the top of the national media agenda, the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children is an issue which should be handled with expert, up-to-the-minute knowledge and sensitivity.

At Jay Webb Consultancy Services, we provide a unique service to the care sector for both adults’ and children’s services, investigating disciplinary allegations and advising organisations on the safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and Children.

Our unrivalled expertise enables us to offer the added peace of mind that stems from Jay’s personal knowledge and experience, including allegations against care staff in residential homes and day centres.

Jay also offers specialist care sector training with associate Vin Prema.

Likewise, we have experience in charities and not-for-profit organisations and are well aware of the specific niche requirements of this area.

We are particularly pleased and proud to offer unrivalled expertise in the care sector, particularly when the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children is involved by means of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act which replaced the POVA and POCA.

We have particular experience of cases involving the Vetting and Barring Scheme, the register on which people banned from working with vulnerable adults or children in registered care services in England and Wales are listed.

The care sector has very specific needs in terms of human resources advice and guidance. As well as bespoke care sector training and policies and procedures development, we can provide the following specific services for the care sector:

  • Criminal Records Bureau advice and support
  • Referrals to the Independent Safeguarding Authority
  • Care Home Policies and Procedures
  • Care Sector Employee Handbooks
  • Service Inspections support
  • Specialist disciplinary investigations
  • Support with inspections of services

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