posted by MikeWebb on October 7, 2021.

In 2009 Jay and her son joined forces to solve a growing problem every company must face

No company wants to breach General Data Protection Regulations. It has the potential to seriously harm relations with clients. Plus, any breach leaves companies at the mercy of a huge fine from the ICO.

‘The fee can be as much as £17.5 million,’ says leading HR specialist Jay Webb from her home office in Loughborough. ‘Or 4 percent of global turnover,’ Mike adds, her son and IT Director. ‘Whichever is higher.’

‘Anyone handling the data of a living person falls under GDPR,’ Mike explains. ‘So, something as simple as a customer email addresses are defined as sensitive information. If a company misuses them, it’s a definite breach.’

‘Most of the time, it’s an honest mistake,’ Jay adds. ‘But some staff members have emailed customer addresses to themselves for criminal purposes!’

One of the popular and unique services Jay and Mike offer is with data protection breaches. Once they inspect the breach, they install measures to stop it from ever happening again.

‘The ICO prefers to work with companies rather than enforce if the correct procedures are in place and followed,’ Jay explains. ‘It also helps to have clear breakdowns of what happens if procedures aren’t followed.’

‘Of course, every circumstance is different. There are even cases where a rogue employee has tried to wipe a hard drive to cover their tracks.’

But that won’t stop Mike. ‘We can uncover data that’s been deliberately deleted,’ he says. ‘Even from five wipes ago.’

Once Mike finds that, Jay supports the employer to handle the disciplinary issues. With such large fines for a breach, all companies need this type of support should the ICO come knocking. For more on GDPR or anything else HR, call Jay Webb Consultancy on 01509 216395 or use our contact from

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