Care sector support & training

posted by admin on August 21, 2018

Working in the care sector is without doubt one of the most demanding and potentially stressful occupations in existence – but if approached correctly and professionally, it can also be the most rewarding.

At Jay Webb Consultancy Services, we have particular experience of the care sector and its ever-changing rules and functions.

While we don’t doubt that as a manager in the care sector, you are more than capable of offering your teams some form of training, we would urge you to take advantage of returning to the classroom for a day or so yourself.

Not only will this help to strengthen team cohesion and re-introduce you as a key part of your team, but it will take the pressure off you for a day or two and re-acquaint you with the fundamentals of your profession.

And because of this, we know how essential it is for those working in the care sector to experience a training environment where they can relax, explore the subject in hand, and to feel that they can ask any questions within this closed environment without fear of reprisal or judgement.

As always, our courses are bespoke and can take a variety of forms. As the service user, the choices are all down to you.

For example, if team-building is part of the plan, we don’t have to confine your course to the conventional classroom set-up – we have been known to take advantage of the Great Outdoors on occasion to get those creative juices flowing.

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