Employee Office Parties and HR issues to consider

posted by admin on August 15, 2018

Employee Office Parties and HR issues to consider

The Office Party is a long standing tradition and is not just limited to Christmas or indeed office staff. Although the economy is still in austere measures it doesn’t stop employers providing some sort of event, although many staff fund events themselves these days. This is often limited to bringing in food and drink into the workplace. When held at Christmas it is the season of good will and a time for some employers to thank their staff with a festive event. Morale will be high so it’s important to plan to minimise any staffing issues that may arise as a direct result of the celebrations.

There are many tales of shenanigan’s and goings on that happen at or after work ”do’s”.  In sober moments after the event there may be many red faces and for employers it can bring a host of issues. This can be potentially damaging for employers in numerous ways and not least when it gets into the media.

But it is also important that as an employer, you manage the risk of staff misconduct, grievance and other HR related issues.

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